Belt Grinder machine RB 120

Belt Grinder machine ROCE RB 120

  • Rubber & small wheel grinding, enables processing of objects of various shapes,
    with great particle separation power. 
  • Longitudinal grinding on a horizontal plate is used for straightening or satinizing flat surfaces and creating a radius on the edges.
  • By clamping the object into a grinding vice, it enables pipe radius grinding, as a preparation for angle welding.

Thanks to the large dimensions of the grinding belt 120 x 1800, diameters of up to Ø60 mm can be grinded at an angle of 0 ° - 60 °, and diameters Ø60 ÷ 76 mm at an angle of 0 ° ÷ 45 °. By moving the vice in height, it enables eccentric pipe and flat bar radius grinding.

If necessary, the vice is moved to the side very quickly, secured in place and the machine is used as a classic belt grinder.